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I manage an ever-growing number of profiles, pages & groups within the realm of social media, but there are many imposters so be sure you are following the correct ones that I am on; the Checkmark (Verified Account) is me, I do not nor will be on platforms that do not verify.

Below are the list of Platforms I am on. I am not on any other, except Sovern which in a future Blog article will show the emails regarding this, they only want "Big Shots" and none of them have the gonads to come on Radio America USA to explain to me and the auidence! !

Social and Video Media - the list is being redesigned

Video Platforms







KJV-1611 Authorized Version Topsites

These are boycotted for refusing to verify me, so I am not on these dirtbag platforms: Gab (Andrew Torba is scum, he is a hyprocrite!), Minds (so is Bill Ottman), Parler, Gettr (Jason Miller), Spreely (Teddy Littlepage), Sovern (Ben Swann), Soundcloud (Alexander Ljung)

Rumble (Chris Pavlovski) is scum, they only verify big shots, like Sean "Wallbanger" Hannity on the Right and the Left's Darling, Sean's new buddy, Globalist Tulsi Gabbard

Sovern (Ben Swann) are fucktards, they refused to verify me without explanation and still will not close my account as demanded for almost a year!

These are all controlled opposition!

Codias refuses to verify anyone and they make it that they can not be contacted.

Flote (Kingsley and Erin Edwards) also, they do not care even if there is criminal activity on their platform.

And of Course the Left Wing Fascist Nazi Communist Satanic Luciferian Woke Pedophile Scum; who refused to veridy me since I am not a pervert, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeWe

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